The Landes Coast: Come get a breath of fresh sea air and enjoy campsite's closest beaches: Seignosse - Capbreton - Hossegor - Moliets – Messange (between 22 and 30 km).

Grande Lande Ecomuseum: 75 km from the campsite, in Sabres. Hop on a little train and take a ride to Marquèze and the Grande Lande Ecomuseum. 18th and 19th century daily life and traditional activities unique to the Landes countryside are brought back to life in this ecomuseum.

Bayonne: 38 km from the campsite. You will be enchanted by Petit Bayonne, around the Nive, with its narrow cobble-stoned streets where pedestrians are free to wander and discover shops and craftspeople - Go visit the Musée du Chocolat (Chocolate Museum) (Chocolate was brought to us from Bayonne).

camping Saint Paul les dax

Oceafaunia: A zoo set on 5 hectares of cork-oaks and maritime pines, located in Labenne-Océan, 30 km from the campsite.

House and Archeological Park of the Lady - Brassempouy: telephone +33 (0)5 58 89 21 73 -
Enjoy the Garden of the Lady with your children, located 43 km from the campsite. A fun and informal way to introduce your children to prehistoric times.

Ducazaux Discovery Farm: Open from 01/07 through 31/08 (2.30 pm -7.00 pm) - a perfect farm for children, located in la Chalosse, 32 km from the campsite.

Night markets: In Dax, St-Paul-lès-Dax and on the coast.

"Féria": Each village has its own fete, inseparable from the Landes way of life. The féria is a time for having fun with old friends, where tourists and locals gladly "blend together".
The bullfighting culture is festive and very pronounced in the Landes, and in Dax in particular, during the féria in mid-August. Red and white are the colours to wear if you don't want to look like a Sunday tourist!
Discover Landes folklore through "courses landaises" and stilt-walking shows in the Landes arenas. "Course landaise" is different from other forms of bullfighting (corrida, Portuguese corrida, and course camarguaise) in that it uses females exclusively (cows from the Landes) and does not involve killing. This traditional Landes sport has remained the major event of village fetes since the 1830s.
The game consists of provoking the animal then skillfully dodging it at the last minute. The cows are bred in farms, called ganaderias, in pine forests and participate in games for several years. The "écarteur" or dodger performs spectacular acrobatic figures such as summersaults, swan dives, spiral vaults, and leaps with their legs tied together in a beret...

And let's not forget Spain, with San Sebastian (1 hour and 15 minutes by car), Basque Country with Biarritz (35 minutes by car), St Jean de Luz (1 hour), St Jean Pied de Port (1hour), etc...