An ideal campsite for a spa treatment near Dax and Saubusse

At the crossroads of the spa towns of Dax and Saubusse,
the 3*** Etang d'Ardy campsite welcomes spa visitors for short or long stays.

Campsite located 8 minutes from Dax and 15 minutes from Saubusse

Free shuttles offered by some spas

Up to 15% discount for any 3-week stay in chalets and mobile homes

A soothing natural setting in the heart of the pine forest

A natural and relaxing setting for your spa treatment

Far from the bustling city centres, the 3*** Etang d'Ardycampsite is located in the heart of the Landes forest, on an 8-hectare estate of leafy trees. Our establishment is bordered by a 2.5 hectare pond, and has a heated swimming pool as well as all the services to ensure your optimal comfort.

Our packages and accommodation for curists

We offer you accommodation in mobile homes or chalets, or on camping pitches equipped with private sanitary facilities (you install your caravan or motor home just a few steps from your ownindividual sanitary facilities).

Campsite services

Information point at the reception with numerous tourist brochures

Laundry ( washing machines - soap provided - and tumble dryers), changing table and chemical drainer


Small grocery shop

1 common sanitary block, wheelchair accessible

Bread and pastries available every morning - to be ordered the day before

On site or take away food


Chalets and mobile home renting :

15% discount for any 3-week stay between 3 April and 15 May 2021
10% discount for any 3-week stay between 15 May and 23 October 2021

The benefits of the Dax spa treatment

The benefits of thermal water are well known and its curative properties can relieve and treat certain pathologies, including arthritis, rheumatic joints, fibromyalgia and phlebology.

The thermal water is formed from rainwater that seeps into the rock walls (up to 1000 metres deep) before coming to the surface in the form of a hot spring. Having been preserved from pollution and bacteria, it has acquired trace elements and salt-minerals during its journey (which lasts several years). The thermal centres of Dax and more generally of the Landes, have acquired the expertise to exploit its hot springs with therapeutic orientations and today offer treatments adapted to the condition of each person.

The Dax peloid, a thermal mud unique in France

Thanks to thermal mud, unique in France, you can regain your mobility, reduce your joint pain, take less medication, reduce your inflammation, etc.

Dax mud, also called peloid, is a mixture of silt from the Adour river (under the alluvium between 2 and 9 m deep), thermal water and biological compounds. It is applied hot to certain parts of your body.

Thermal water with recognised properties

A source of well-being, the thermal watercompletes the benefits of the cure by contributing, in particular, to muscle relaxation. The combination of turpentine and thermal water has an anti-inflammatory effect.

This thermal water is used in all the baths and pools of the spa. It is particularly suitable for improving venous return, reducing oedema of the lower limbs, relaxing the muscles, etc.

The thermal cures offered in the Landes are effective in treating osteoarthritis, back pain, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, venous insufficiencies and respiratory tract insufficiencies, heavy or swollen legs, night cramps, tingling, or varicose veins.

How to prepare for a spa treatment in Dax ?

The spa treatment must be prescribed by your doctor. Once you have chosen the spa town, you must send the form for reimbursement to your health insurance fund.

Remember to ask for your cure agreement in the town where the chosen spa is located, Dax, Saubusse or St-Paul-lès-Dax in the Landes region of France.

The different spas in Dax provide the same treatments (hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, massages) using the same thermal waters and the same thermal mud, which guarantees the quality of the treatment for you.

Which spa facilities pick you up at the campsite ?

Some spas offer a free shuttle service to collect guests directly from the campsite.
Please contact the spa directly for more information.

If your cure agreement is issued in the spa town of Dax :

Les Ecureuils - Thermes de Dax

Les Bains-Saint Pierre - Complexe thermal in Dax

Les Arènes - Station thermale in Dax

If your health cure agreement is issued in the town of St-Paul-lès-Dax :

Christus - Thermes in Saint-Paul-lès-Dax

Sourcéo (ex-Calicéo) - Centre thermal in Saint-Paul-lès-Dax